Cheap Nails Aren’t Nice & Nice Nails Aren’t Cheap…….

BUT why are my acrylic nails cheaper at the “other” salon Acrylic Nails…….

The products used are all the same right? ……….WRONG!

(MMA) Methyl Methacrylate VS (EMA) Ethyl Methacrylate.
What are these big words and what do they mean?
Methyl Methacrylate is one type of bonding agent which is used to create artificial nails. This type of bonding agent comes in the form of liquid (monomer) which is used with an (polymer) powder to create enhancements (acrylic).

This type of liquid sets much faster, adheres incredibly “well” to the nail plate and can be extremely hard to remove.

It’s also A LOT cheaper…… Sounds great doesn’t it, so what’s the issue????

We all want our acrylic nails to last as long as possible and to conquer the dreaded “lift”……. BUT at a certain point you NEED the acrylic to have some flexibility or if enough pressure is applied e.g. a knock, jamming your finger (OUCH) it breaks.
While it’s not pleasant your natural nail is still intact. The problem with acrylic not breaking because MMA has been used is IT WILL CRACK OR BREAK YOUR NATURAL NAIL! (Insert gruesome pic here) in some cases completely rip your natural nail off the nail bed……What the AF!?

To prepare the nail plate in the first place to use MMA, the natural nail must be filed and roughed up quite severely. This can be done by filing with a high grit file or E-file (drill). This damages your natural nail and takes off layers thus creating weak nails, burning or heat spikes in UV or LED lamps.

In some cases prolonged or permanent damage and deformities in nail growth. Have you ever had your acrylic in filled or removed and instead of drilling off the bulk then hand filed or soaking off, it’s been removed with a tip or some other “tool” by wedging it between the enhancement and your nail to “flip” the whole thing off?

This also damages natural nail.

What are the health risks?……Health risks!…….. That’s awkward.
Constant exposure to significant levels MMA can include light headedness and dizzy spells. Repeated contact with MMA can also cause skin sensitisation or dermatitis resulting in Skin redness, itching, rash, and swelling. While consumers who are exposed to products containing MMA may be at risk of these adverse affects, the risk is much higher for the nail technicians who are frequently exposed to products containing MMA during their work (Ever wonder why some always wear masks and gloves?…

I’ll let you ponder that thought for minute.

In saying all this, MMA is not banned in Australia, as it may be used safely in other applications. But it is certainly not recommended or safe for use for acrylic enhancements. How do you know if a product contains MMA?
How do we know if you’ve had acrylic nails applied with MMA?
MMA is listed as an active ingredient on the product label. It has a strong irritating chemical odour that does not smell like other acrylic liquids. IT STINKS! (I know what you’re thinking it stinks anyway) BUT this smell is quite different.
In liquid form it’s quite offensive almost fruity.
When we begin filing it literally smells like SHIT!
The product sets much harder, feels less flexible and is very difficult to file using a nail file even drill. Acrylic nails that contain MMA are extremely hard or virtually impossible to remove using normal solvents like acetone. (We die a little inside every time we have to infill or remove acrylic that has been applied using MMA).

It is a much cheaper product (approximately one third of the price) in comparison to other acrylic nail products…

Suddenly our prices don’t seem so bad now do they, you get what you pay for…

So be wary of what products other salons use, ideally come to us we will look after your nail health, your health in general and you’ll have beautiful nails.

Love Tanya xoxo

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