As Bare As You Dare

The most popular wax goes by so many names….. Brazilian, French, American, The Landing Strip, The “G”, The Standard…. the list goes on and on…. Most of which i would never repeat in a blog!!!

Options are limitless, all depending how bare you dare to go!

Waxing is the most popular form of hair removal, with bikini waxing becoming really popular back in the 1990’s……

Funnily enough the “Brazilian” bikini wax actually first began in New York….. Not Brazil.

The “brazilian” wax is now the most requested wax worldwide……. and for so many reasons!

1/ Comfort – no itching from shaving! Leaving you feeling clean and free!
2/ Exfoliation – waxing removes any dry skin.
3/ Confidence – lets be honest who wouldn’t feel sexy as hell in a cute pair of underwear (no bush on display).
4 / Your hair will become more sparse with regular waxing.

Now…. the questions everyone is always to embarrassed to ask…… here we go (please dont read further if you dont want to know)…… And if i missed your questions, dont be shy – get in touch!

Q. What gets waxed?
A. Front. Back. In between. Everywhere. Everything. Think full monty!

Q. Can my hairs be too long?
A. The ideal length is 1/2 an inch (the length of a grain of rice). Trimming is sometimes required & totally okay!

Q. Can i shower / bathe after a wax?
A. 24hrs is best for hot showers / steam rooms. Luke warm is totally ok.

Q. How old do you need to be?
A. While this is a fine line with no real legal answer, most salons require parental consent for minors.

Q. When is okay for sexy time after a wax?
A. You can probably handle having sexy time that night…… Broken skin or not, “the pores are open, so they’re more susceptible to bacteria”. Most people wait a minimum of 12 hours before having sexy time. Hello night off!! LOL……

Q. Do i need magical yoga skills?
A. No. No. No. There is no need for any gymnastic ability for a bikini wax.

Q. I’m a waxing virgin…. how bad will it be?
A. I wont sugar coat this, its not relaxing or pleasant. BUT with a good waxer its totally okay and usually done within 15-20mins. No one ever left half way though @ our salon!

Now…. after all that i really must be totally honest here…. I’ve been doing brazilian’s for almost 15yrs now….. Here’s my personal tips…..

  • Everyone looks the same down there
  • We dont care how many kids you’ve had
  • You are not too old
  • It does NOT matter what size you are 
  • It doesn’t matter how hairy you think you are
  • First time is always the worst
  • Once you go bare you dont go back
  • Judgement free salon

I really hope that this clears up a few things for you! If you enjoyed reading this, please share it out!

Love Desiree xx

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