What nails are “right” for me?? Everything you need to know, that you never thought to ask!

I still clearly remember my friends asking me back in 2002 why i wanted to learn how to do nails. They laughed and said “no one will ever get nails”…….  Funny how things change!

With technology currently changing & upgrading there has been a massive change in the nail industry this past decade…. I have seen trends come & go and a few have stood the test of time….

This morning a client asked me what nails are right for her……
Whilst theres no magical answer, there certainly is options……..

Each have their benefits & are all equally popular!

I thought about making a really fancy table with ticks & crosses (i actually drew one up)….. but i thought id make it really really simple & just give the facts!
After all, do you really care which number chemical it contains? (if you do – feel free to google your life away)……..

So here it is, the good & bad of each product….

Gel Polish – commonly known as “Shellac”, which for those of you dont know – Shellac is a brand, not a type of nail enhancement.
Gel polish is literally just that, a cross between a gel & a polish.
It is great for clients that just want something on their natural nail that will last a couple of weeks. Its glossy, comes in a million different colours!
Removal is very easy –  soaks off in less than 10mins. It wont chip or peel like a regular polish. The only downside is that you can not extend your nails with shellac.

Dip System Nails – commonly referred to as SNS (once again this is a brand).
This new concept has taken the nail world to a whole new level.
Giving people an option between Gel Polish & Acrylic. This system is very similar to acrylic in that the powder is effectively acrylic.
Its applied differently to acrylic BUT still has the strength we love of acrylic.
With no odour / UV or LED lights required its a “healthier option” so to speak.
This style is available as an overlay on your natural nails & also with extensions to add extra length.

Acrylic Nails – the good old faithful.
The strongest style of nails currently available in the nail world. Little flexibility which is great for those who are rough with their nails…… Options are limitless for colours / art as they can be combined with Gel Polish.
This style can be used as an overlay on your natural nails however is most commonly used with extensions.

So with all that information, the choices are limitless……. there is no right or wrong. Its whats best for you & your lifestyle!

I love all 3 and quite often change between the styles!

Hope this helps clear up some myths for you!

Desiree xx

P.S – If you’d like to chat more about your nails & whats “best” for them….. click here & we can chat!!





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